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Helping at home - mathematics examples

These things can help me at home

  • Ask me to help with the shopping by comparing the brands of the things we buy to find the best value for money.
  • Teach me a new card game we can play together.
  • Let me show you my favourite app with some maths in it.
  • Talk to my teacher about how I’m doing in maths and things we can do together so I can get even better.
  • Help me practise the facts I’m trying to memorise at the moment - for example, forwards and backwards from 100, the 7 times tables or doubling and halving numbers up to 20.
  • Ask me to help prepare dinner and talk to me about any maths involved - for example, halves, quarters, litres, grams, temperatures, etc. and get me to do any measuring or weighing needed.
  • Teach me one of the games you played on the marae when you were young.
  • Show me and talk with me about what the graphs and tables in our newspaper mean.
  • Have a traditional games night at home where the whole family plays a board game like Monopoly together.

Download these suggestions on a Word document or as a PDF.

  • Tell me about the games you played with your brothers and sisters before computers and TV.
  • Keep playing with me, and encouraging me, in the hard games I’m learning, for example, chess, backgammon or mah-jong, even though I’m not very good yet.
  • Try one of the internet maths games I’ve found, and try to beat my best score. 
  • Talk to me about the maths you use every day and at work.
  • Show me the family budget and explain how you pay all the bills and save.
  • Ask me to figure out how much change you should get back from a purchase. If I get the amount right, occasionally you might let me keep the change! 
  • Help me learn to estimate things like how much things weigh, how long they are, the cost of our groceries, or how long it will take to travel to a certain place.
  • Set up a reward system at home to encourage me to remember what I need to do.
  • Make the points large or small to match what I am learning at school, e.g. a child in year 5 might get 10,000 points for doing the dishes or 758 points for taking out the rubbish and a reward when they have 250,000 points.
  • When we are driving or walking, play Launchpad with me. Spot a number, then use it as a launchpad for seeing how many combinations we can make that number make. For example, there’s a 12 on a letterbox, that's 3x4, 2x6, 10+2, 100–88, half of 24 etc.
  • Have a look in the families' section of the NZ Maths website for activities and games we can do together.

Download these suggestions as a PDF:

PDF icon. These things can help me at home - Maths (PDF 397 KB)