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Helping at home - Key Competencies examples

These things can help me at home:

  • Help me learn that time and effort pays off. For example, when I say This is too hard, say, That’s great because now you have an opportunity to learn something new.
  • If I make a mistake, celebrate it as an opportunity to learn. Help me to understand that making mistakes will help me learn.
  • If I feel like giving up on a task, encourage me to stick at it a little longer and/or to try another way to do it.
  • When I say That’s good enough, encourage me to ask if it is really my best work.
  • Encourage me to apply the ‘can do’ attitude I have in rugby to my writing goals.
  • Talk to me about the ways other people might see issues. Help me see things from a range of different perspectives.
  • Give me increasing responsibility for a task that will help at home. For example, I could feed the cat, empty the rubbish on Saturdays or help prepare dinner on Sundays.
  • Help me to manage my television viewing time by giving me television tickets. Each week I could be given an agreed number of tickets that can each be used for 30 minutes of TV time. A variation is that any tickets remaining at the end of the week could be cashed in for 25 or 50 cents each.
  • Help me see my problems are temporary, by saying they are glitches, snags or hard spots and talking with me about things I can do to get through them.
  • Help me to role-play so I can see other people’s views as clearly as possible.
  • Help me to take more responsibility for my school things. For example, have me choose a place to put a cardboard box, perhaps near the door of my room. Every afternoon, I will put my school things in the box. When my home reading is done, it will go in the box, too. In the morning I will check the box before I leave for school. 
  • Help me to understand and experience the consequences of my choices.
  • Help me break down bigger tasks (e.g. cleaning my room or getting ready for school) into smaller steps.
  • Encourage me to do small things that will help others.

Download these suggestions as a PDF:

PDF icon. These things can help me at home - Key Competencies (PDF 535 KB)