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Examples of introductory comments on written reports

Introductory comments on written reports should explain the role that the written report plays in a school’s wider information sharing processes.

Example 1

This summary report is part of our process for sharing information with parents and whānau. It is supported by the parent/whānau conference your child leads and by your child’s digital portfolio. We would be pleased if you could share comments about this report in the parent/whānau section of your child’s digital portfolio.

Example 2

This report provides a summary of your child’s progress and achievement in relation to New Zealand Curriculum expectations. It includes your child’s and his/her teacher’s judgements about how well they are learning and the progress they are making.

Your child's judgements are made after considering progress in relation to learning goals.

The teacher’s judgements are made after considering a range of assessments including:

  • knowledge and appreciation of your child and your child’s interests
  • observations of your child as they learn
  • conversations with your child
  • your child’s assessment of their own work
  • results from tests

We would like you to add your comments about your child’s learning and progress over the last six months in the space provided.