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Video gallery

Teaching as Inquiry – St Patrick's, Silverstream (6)

These videos, from St Patrick's School in Silverstream, illustrate how PLGs can be used as a means of introducing the Teaching as Inquiry model in schools. Read the full story at Teaching as inquiry, St Patrick's College, Silverstream – case study

Gathering and using evidence for learning (6)

Tutorial on e-asTTle Writing (2)

The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce schools to the new tool, to clarify the revisions that have been made to the tool, to show how to administer and mark assessments, and to show how to analyse the results to support teaching and learning. Learn about the e-asTTle tool in the section Assessment Tools and Resources.

e-asTTle Writing Webinar (3)

This webinar, facilitated by the developers of the revised writing tool, covers the new features of the tool, test creation, administration and marking, and how to best use the results to support teaching and learning. Learn about the e-asTTle tool in the Assessment Tools and Resources section.

Sharing assessment data with students (3)

Teachers from Māngere Bridge School in South Auckland talk about sharing assessment data with their students, and how this enables students to develop their own next steps in learning, and to take ownership of the learning.

Elizabeth Crisp, the literacy lead teacher, talks about a class of year 1 and 2 students; Rosina Prasad discusses a class of year 1 and 2 students; and Don Biltcliffe a class of students in years 5 and 6.

Read about creating assessment-capable and self-regulated learners in Assessment for learning in practice. And learn more about goal setting in the Using evidence for learning section of Assessment Online.

Moderation (3)

These video clips of principals and lead teachers from a moderation team, filmed in 2011, show the group talking about their strategies for improvement, and discussing how they learnt by working together.

School stories (2)

Teachers and students share their teaching and learning stories.