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Learning progression frameworks

The learning progression frameworks illustrate the significant steps that learners take as they develop their expertise in reading, writing, and mathematics from years 1 to 10.

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The Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF) is an online tool that illustrates the significant steps that students take as they develop their expertise in reading, writing, and mathematics from years 1–10, spanning levels 1–5 of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC).

The LPF builds on the New Zealand Curriculum, and it underpins the Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) for years 1–8 (curriculum levels 1–4), creating a powerful toolbox for planning and assessing progress.

Teachers can also use the frameworks to plan programmes that provide learning opportunities which will enable their students to succeed at secondary school and beyond. The addition of curriculum level 5 means it can bridge the gap between primary and secondary schools to more effectively support a learner pathway. Year 9 and 10 teachers can use the frameworks to identify students’ reading, writing, and mathematics knowledge, skills, and attitudes. 

The frameworks:

  • prompt teachers to notice what students know and can do across the breadth of mathematics and as they use their reading and writing to support their learning in different areas of the curriculum
  • support teachers to understand how students develop their expertise in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • assist teachers to identify the reading, writing, and mathematics demands of the programmes they provide for students
  • clarify the reading, writing, and mathematics competencies students require in order to be successful in a technology- and information-rich society
  • illustrate rich teaching and learning activities in everyday classroom programmes
  • support schools to plan coherent learning pathways for students transitioning across school contexts.

Interactive professional learning and development (PDL) modules are also provided on the website.

Login or register to view and use the Learning Progression Frameworks tool or the PDL modules.

Learning progressions app:

An app is available that contains the PaCT years 1–8 illustrations allowing iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users to browse the frameworks and illustrations anywhere, anytime and make notes. The app will be extended with the years 9–10 illustrations later in 2016.

This app can be downloaded from iTunes and requires iOS 8.0 or on either the Apple Store or Google Play by searching for "learning progressions". Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.