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Assessment resources maps

The updated Assessment resources maps are a resource for schools and teachers to help select the most appropriate assessment tool to suit their particular purposes. They illustrate the year levels and/or curriculum levels each tool is fit for and the most frequently used tools in New Zealand schools for reading, writing, and mathematics.

Schools and teachers can select a range of formal and informal assessment methods to use in their day to day teaching programmes and when making overall teacher judgments (OTJs) of students' progress and achievement in relation to National Standards. The Assessment resources Maps, updated from 2016, describe a range of assessment tools that could be used for this purpose.

Note that:

  • the maps should be read in combination with the Assessment tool selector in order to determine whether a tool is fit for purpose
  • the map is not intended to limit a school's choice of tools
  • inclusion of a tool does not indicate endorsement by the Ministry of Education.

Assessment resources map – Reading

PDF icon. Assessment Resources Map - Reading - English medium - updated March 2017 (PDF 269 KB)

Assessment resources map – Writing

PDF icon. Assessment Resources Map – Writing – English medium - updated 2016 (PDF 164 KB)

Assessment resources map – Mathematics

PDF icon. Assessment Resources Map - Mathematics - updated 2016 (PDF 158 KB)

Assessment resources map – Māori-medium - Pānui, Tuhituhi, Kōrero and Pāngarau

Word 2007 icon. Assmt Tool Map - Māori-medium - Pānui, Tuhituhi, Kōrero, Pāngarau - March 2017 (Word 2007 40 KB)

Updated - July 2017