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e-asTTle reports

e-asTTle calculates student achievement on a scale score. This means that items within the test are given a score depending on their level of difficulty. The raw score is ‘scaled’ up or down depending on item difficulty and this is used to calculate achievement.

For more information on e-asTTle, go to the e-asTTle website.

e-asTTle console report

If you need assistance in reading this graph, go to the information on box and whisker graphs.

What does the data show? 

  • The median for this group of students is below the national median.
  • 75% of students are working at or below the national median.
  • The group of student is homogeneous, as illustrated by the short ‘whiskers’ of top and bottom achievement.

Goal setting

The obvious goal from looking at this data would be to raise the overall achievement levels. However, the data is presented globally and would need to be disaggregated in order to set precise goals and plan intervention programmes of learning.

Individual Learning Pathway