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Consider the evidence

Many schools are collecting large amounts of data but not always using them effectively to inform and improve practice. 

This comprehensive resource is designed to assist schools to make best use of evidence in making decisions aimed at improving student achievement. Its aim is to equip school leaders with a way to engage teachers and others in thinking through some ideas, principles and processes that will enhance the school’s approach to collecting and using data and other evidence. The original focus of the resource was education from years 7–13, but the approach can be adapted for other school environments.

Schools have more evidence about what students know and can do than ever before – achievements, attitudes, behaviours and environmental factors that influence learning. The evidence-driven decision-making model described here can be applied at all school levels and in all curriculum learning areas and school processes.

The resource consists of web pages and power point presentations.

The web pages are designed for individual use by school leaders, teachers, and others, but can also be used in workshops and meetings. These pages contain all of the material in the full slide presentation as well as links to other online material, references, and tools – mainly on Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI).

The power point presentations are designed for use in workshops and meetings where groups of school leaders and teachers are reviewing their schools’ uses of evidence and establishing policies and plans for the future. Facilitators can also develop their own power points by selecting from the slides on this site, and by adding their own material.

The Resources section has slide presentations, web links and references for written resources to support evidence-driven decision making for learning.