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Moderation professional learning modules for teachers of years 1 to 8

This is a series of professional learning modules that will help teachers to develop shared expectations and understandings of student learning and progress through the process of moderation.The modules are designed to inform and promote professional discussions between individual teachers and in staff meetings. They can be used as stand-alone or as a full series.

  • Module 1 outlines the definition, principles and benefits of moderation to teachers, students and the Board of Trustees.
  • Module 2 is designed for those schools who want to start with moderation of a piece of student work in reading, writing or maths, or in the use of an assessment tool.
  • Module 3 is about moderation of overall teacher judgments in relation to the National Standards.
  • Module 4 is about reviewing and refining the moderation process.


PowerPoint icon. Module 1-What is moderation (PowerPoint 412 KB)

PowerPoint icon. Module 2-Making sound teacher judgments (PowerPoint 626 KB)

PowerPoint icon. Module 3-OTJ and moderation (PowerPoint 584 KB)

PowerPoint icon. Module 4-Reviewing and refining moderation (PowerPoint 579 KB)

PDF icon. Moderation modules 1-4 (PDF 1 MB)