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Assessment in the classroom

It is necessary for New Zealand schools to design and shape assessment in their classrooms so that teaching and learning is meaningful and meets the needs of their particular communities of students.

This section supports teachers and school leaders with assessment in the classroom. It has information about assessment for learning (formative assessment) in practice, teaching as inquiry, digital technologies for assessment and learning, school stories, and underlying principles of assessment for learning. It also provides links to readings on formative assessment and assessment position papers.


Assessment for learning in practice | Teaching as inquiry | Underlying principles of assessment for learning | Digital technologies for assessment and learning | School stories | Readings on formative assessmentAssessment position papers


Assessment for learning in practice

Watering can and flower.

These resources and stories provide evidence about the kinds of teaching approaches that consistently have a positive impact on student learning including: learning-focused relationships; clarity about the learning; assessment literacy; effective feedback; self and peer assessment; reflection on the learning; next learning steps; and readings on formative assessment.
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Teaching as inquiry

These resources provide information and examples of practice, to help teachers and leaders with the inquiry process in their schools.
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Underlying principles of assessment for learning

These evidence-based principles help guide effective classroom practice in the use of assessment information to improve teaching and learning. 
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Using digital technologies to support assessment and learning

Assessment and e-learning

These examples from schools show how digital technologies are being used to support student learning and to assist with data gathering for assessment.

School stories

Girl with camera

These stories tell about ways different teachers and schools from around New Zealand are managing assessment, and about the tools they are using. 
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Readings on formative assessment

This page has links to key reports and articles concerning the principles and practices of formative assessment
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Assessment position papers

This page has links to, and information about, the three key documents outlining and supporting the Ministry of Education's vision for assessment in English and te reo Māori settings: Ministry of Education Position Paper: Assessment (2011); Rukuhia, Rarangahia (2011); and Directions for Assessment in New Zealand (DANZ) report.
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