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Student strategies for learning


Clara Haines
At the moment our learning intention is to use like lots of imagery in our writing and it’s sort of like a goal I guess cause you want to try and do it.

Clara Haines
In our goals for our writing like what we need to work on if it’s descriptive language or like metaphors, similes or punctuation, we get to make up our own goals what we think we need to work on.

We have to tick what we think we’ve done on the success criteria and then the teacher ticks what we’ve done on the success criteria it sort of shows us what we need to work on, what we haven’t done yeah.

Connor Eales
Even through my story when I’m thinking of things I can just go back to my success criteria and look at what I haven’t done and what would be good for my story.

We know more of what the mistake is because she gets us to read it again and find the mistake and fix it up, she won’t just do it for us.

Clara Haines
At the start we’re allowed to speak to each other and discuss our work and like what we’re going to do and at the end quite often we get to read to a buddy, like read each other’s story and then we get feedback from each other.

And also with the feedback that we get we’ve then got to write it in our book, the what they’ve said to us, and then it’s also you’re not only getting the teacher’s personal thoughts, you’re also getting a friend’s and they give you ideas on ‘oh you could change that part and make it better by doing this’.

Michael Lowe
Well if say we’re stuck and something we will just work together even though we’re, yeah we just work together if things and just help each other out.

Connor Eales
Like a good class mate helping each other because we’re all at different stages in our writing.

Well it’s not a race but it’s not good if you like try to be the best because it’s not about like races and winning, it’s just about getting a good result in the end of it.

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