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The value of sharing assessment data with students

Key content

Assessment information is always shared with students.

These teachers are very aware that the prime owners of assessment data are the students, and that sharing the data enables students and teachers and parents to work in partnership to improve teaching and learning.

Assessment is never carried out merely for the purposes of accountability, but is always carried out with the students to support teaching and learning.

These teachers’ assessment practices are fully supporting The New Zealand Curriculum which defines the characteristics of effective assessment as: benefitting students, involving students, supporting teaching and learning goals, being planned and communicated, and suited to the purpose.

Possible school review questions

  •  Do we always share the purposes and processes of assessment with students?
  •  Do we always share assessment data with students?
  •  Are the assessment tools we use student friendly, so that results can be shared and understood by teacher and students.
  •  Do we discuss assessment data with students, and acknowledge their point of view about it?
  •  Are parents always well informed about their children’s progress and achievement?
  •  Do teachers, students and parents work in partnership to improve student learning?


Why do you gather data and how do you interpret it and share it?
Elizabeth Crisp

We collect data at this school because it tells us about the children learning. And essentially in a school we are about the children learning, they are not only here to feel safe, have fun, connect with me, all those things. My job is to make sure they learn to read and write, become numerate, relate to one another, all those key competency type things are really important and that is my job. Data tells me where they are at and where they need to go to next. Sharing that data with them empowers them to do something about it. And it also becomes important in sharing with their parents because that leads into a learning partnership between home and school. And it means we are all on the same page and we can all work to help the children achieve those learning goals.

Rosina Prasad

I think the collection of data and assessment is very important as long as it’s being used purposefully. I think if it’s just for the sake of being accountable then there is just no point to it. We are quite lucky at our school – we actually use our assessment to promote further learning and to feed forward into our learning. And there are no secrets with the assessment. I am very clear, and a lot of our teachers are very clear, that "we are doing a running record with you, and this is what it showed us, and this is what you need to learn next, do you agree?". And there are a lot of conversations that we will have with students about the data we are collecting. And that way it’s not a surprise to them, to us, to their parents as well. And so it’s just important that everyone is informed on what the data is used for.

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