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Assessment Details

SATIS (Student Attitude Information System)
Assessment Area Student engagement
Year level 7-10
NZ origin? Yes
Standardised? No
Administration to individual or group? Group
What does it assess? Assesses factors that affect learning progress, including: attitude to the school, teachers, subjects, peer pressure, traumatic events, bullying, drugs, parental support and the home environment.
Purpose To assess factors that affect progress in learning.
Validity Information unavailable.
Reliability Information unavailable.
What measures does it give? Comparison graphs of percentage scores that compare a school's results against the cohort's results.
How long does it take to administer? 40 minutes
How much training is needed? None
Scoring and data analysis Scoring and analysis is done by CEM (NZ).
Does it provide 'what next' strategies? No , but CEM visits schools to discuss how to use the feedback effectively to determine factors that require further investigation.
Is it available in te reo Maori? No
Cost? Per cohort and per pupil fee. See the CEM (NZ) website for details: www.cem.canterbury.ac.nz
Author, date of publication and publisher Dr Therese Boustead, CEM, University of Canterbury (2002)

 Available from the CEM (Curriculum, Evaluation and Management) Centre at the University of Canterbury.

Further Information

 The student attitude survey has been used as a base to develop a survey to assess longitudinal engagement in learning for a cluster group of schools.