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Commonly used assessment resources – an overview

There is considerable demand on schools and teachers to gather dependable and useful assessment information on their students' progress and achievement. So we’ve put together information on commonly used assessment tools and resources in New Zealand schools, so you can better understand how they work.

Judicious use of these tools will help with:

  • pinpointing learning successes and challenges for your students, and determining next steps
  • informing teacher professional judgments of individual students' progress and achievement
  • providing evidence for tracking individual, class, and school wide progress.

Further details about these, as well as many other standardised and non-standardised assessment tools from New Zealand and overseas, are available at the Assessment tool selector. We advise that you should read the Assessment fundamentals section of the Assessment Tool Selector for background information on assessment.

A standardised assessment is a snapshot in time, and results can be affected by a large number of factors. For this reason, results from formal assessment tools should be used in conjunction with observations in the classroom to make a judgment on a student’s progress and achievement.

Assessment tools and resources commonly used in New Zealand classrooms are: