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What's on the NZQA site?

Digital Assessment: NCEA Online

NZQA is changing how students can do their NCEA exams – from hand-written papers to online, using a PC or laptop.  Visit Digital Assessment: NCEA Online to find out more about what's happening, why it's important, and how schools are getting involved.


The NCEA page on the NZQA website provides several ways to find information about NCEA.

The main links are in the left-hand menu, underneath the NCEA title. Through these headings and subheadings, you can navigate to all information on NCEA.

Important links can also be found directly underneath the images titled NCEA, Subjects, and For teachers near the top of the page.

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Subject resources - information about the main resources to support the teaching and learning of NCEA level 1, level 2, and level 3 achievement standards.

Literacy and numeracy - information about NCEA requirements.

Results section and its following sub-sections for students and teachers outline how students can access their results and Records of Achievement, and apply for reviews and reconsiderations.

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For teachers

NCEA Subject resources

From the Subject resources page, select your subject. Each subject page contains:

  • all the information you will need for externally assessed subjects
  • some information for internally assessed standards and links to NCEA on TKI, where you can find more information.

On each subject page you can find:

Curriculum and standards documents

  • Standards – Achievement and unit standards available
  • Matrices – links to the relevant subject matrices at NCEA on TKI
  • Teaching and learning guide on Senior Secondary Guidelines site on TKI.

Resources for internally assessed standards

  • Moderator newsletters – stay up to date with the latest developments 
  • Annotated exemplars of student work 
  • Clarifications – expanded outlines of expectations to meet the standards 
  • NCEA on TKI resources and Conditions of assessment – links to the relevant site information. 

For some subjects this section may also contain: 

  • National moderator reports Moderation checklists 
  • Older resources still in use and made available on NCEA on TKI.

Resources for externally assessed standards

  • Assessment specifications – an outline for each of the standards
  • Assessment schedules and judgment statements
  • Samples for new standards – exam papers and exemplars.
  • Scholarship – a link to the Scholarship examination information
  • Past Exam papers – papers from previous years (often with exemplar answers)
  • Assessment reports
  • Exam documents for expired standards – for reference only.

For some subjects this section may also contain:

  • Guidelines for assessment of standards
  • Submission administration information
  • End-of-year assessment instructions.

Other resources

Note: The document types available under each subject area are more fully described near the bottom of the Subject Resources landing page. 

Literacy and numeracy

From the NZQA Literacy and numeracy page you can access: 

NCEA requirements

Information about NCEA requirements for attaining NCEA through: 

University Entrance requirements

Unit standards assessment resources

  • Links to unit standards and related resources including: guidelines, clarifications, exemplars , moderation, and other resources for literacy and numeracy in relation to unit standards.

English for academic purposes: Resources


Information about New Zealand Scholarship can be found in the Awards section of NZQA website.

The Scholarship subjects page has links to subject specific resources including assessment specifications and resources.

Assessment matters

The Assessment matters section has links to circulars with information about all assessment, operational and logistical matters in relation to secondary qualifications.