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Ormiston Junior College – Using personalised assessment to grow self-regulated learners

Luke Sumich - Principal and Viv Mallabar and Kat Liu-Asomua - leadership team.

Ormiston Junior College (OJC), situated at Flat Bush in East Auckland and established in February 2017, is a middle school for students from years 7 to 10. Although the student population is small at the moment, the school will eventually accommodate 1000 students.

The college is in a new building, constructed as an ILE (Innovative Learning Environment). The new design of the teaching spaces has allowed the school to develop an innovative approach to teaching and learning.

What's working well

  • The system has allowed school leaders to weave together curriculum achievement objectives, key competencies and values to create an integrated assessment based on the New Zealand Curriculum.
  • Student-centred learning – students work at their own pace and level to bid for and earn badges.
  • Student self-regulation at the heart of the system; they choose, in consultation with their teacher, the context for and direction of their learning.
  • The badge system that engages the students – they enjoy it and trust the process.
  • The integration of teaching, learning and assessment allows teachers and students to make natural connections across all learning areas.
  • Students form a knowledge network to help each other: for example, how to connect learning to criteria.
  • Online access is building a community narrative about the assessment focus.

Senior leaders at OJC stress that they are in a constant state of evaluation and review of their process, including the badges and the criteria for gaining them.