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Devonport Primary School – Moving forward with PaCT

Beverley Booth - Principal

Devonport School is a year 1–6 primary school situated on the North Shore of Auckland. It has a roll of around 400.

This is our story of our approach to assessment in literacy and numeracy. In particular, it is my approach, as Principal, to assessment, but I do have good evidence of staff, family and student buy-in.

We have been a PaCT user since 2015 – reading, writing, and mathematics, all students. We are a PaCT support school and we contribute to two advisory groups concerning PaCT. It works well for us.

What is important to us?

  • Student achievement – equity and excellence.
  • Assessment for learning, student agency and building high levels of student assessment capability.
  • Responsive curriculum – responsive to interests, learning needs, local happenings, citizen scientists, STEM, cultural responsiveness, “hands-on”.
  • Links within and across the curriculum, rich tasks, real reasons to write, etc.
  • Building Learning Power to develop pupil capacity to learn and enable students to talk about themselves as learners.
  • Ensuring high levels of teacher assessment capability – using data to inform our future thinking and our inquiry. We think we use assessment flexibly and wisely.

We capture all of this in the graphic below, and you can see that we think that it gives us a great overview of the whole New Zealand curriculum, with a few high-level concepts that span the entire detail of the curriculum. This allows students, teachers and parents to keep in mind a holistic view of what we want learners to gain from learning across the curriculum.

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