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Devonport Primary School – Moving forward with PaCT

Beverley Booth - Principal

Devonport School is a year 1–6 primary school situated on the North Shore of Auckland. It has a roll of around 400.

This is our story of our approach to assessment in literacy and numeracy. In particular, it is my approach, as Principal, to assessment, but I do have good evidence of staff, family and student buy-in.

We have been a PaCT user since 2015 – reading, writing, and mathematics, all students. We are a PaCT support school and we contribute to two advisory groups concerning PaCT. It works well for us.

Sharing information

Sharing information with parents

We have a simple system of sharing information with parents, using the PaCT reports illustrated here:

  • Three-way conferences based on students’ own goals.
  • Reporting review and parent consultation sessions.
  • Parent information sessions.
  • PaCT report will be sent home to parents/whānau at the end of 2018.
  • Parent information sessions to help them understand the new reporting.

Parents tell us that they like:

  • the greater detail that is contained about their child’s achievement
  • the link to the Learning Progressions (shared with them)
  • that they can see progress over time
  • about their child rather than a comparison to others.

Sharing information with the Board and community

The PACT reports provide the basis for sharing progress information with the Board and wider community, along with commentary about the analysis and interpretation.

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What we are currently grappling with:

  • How to support our parents who do not readily access the online information about the Learning Progressions? Do the new reports give enough information for them?
  • Continuing with PaCT – changes coming (reference to levels, a different approach to sharing with parents).
  • Assessment of other learning areas.
  • Learning through play - we have taken an “action stations” approach – how will we assess/ record?
  • Assessment of key competencies.