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Self and peer assessment

Students working together.

Self and peer assessment is about revision and improvement.

It enables students to independently assess their own and other students’ progress with confidence rather than always relying on teacher judgment.

When students self and peer assess, they are actively involved in the learning process and their independence and motivation is improved.

Students who can look at their work, and judge the degree by which it reflects explicitly stated goals or criteria, can assess the quality of their work and revise it accordingly.

Essential components

Students working together.

Effective self and peer assessment supports students to identify their next learning steps.

Student capability in self and peer assessment is developed through teachers deliberately modelling and scaffolding the skills and processes.

Effective self and peer assessment requires:

  • exemplars clearly demonstrating what is being learnt
  • clear and specific success criteria on manageable chunks of learning
  • opportunities for students to identify success and a place for improvement
  • opportunities for students to make improvements independently.

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