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Clarity about the learning

For students to progress confidently and be responsible for their learning, it is essential that teacher and students have shared clarity about what is to be learnt. They need to be clear about the big picture of learning, and the day-by-day learning steps towards it.

"For students truly to be able to take responsibility for their learning, both teacher and students need to be very clear about what is being learnt, and how they should go about it. When learning and the path towards it are clear, research shows that there a number of important shifts for students. Their motivation improves, they stay on-task, their behaviour improves and they are able to take more responsibility for their learning."

Absolum, M. (2006). 'Clarity in the Classroom'.

School stories

Primary story

St Josephs Catholic School – Independent learning for new entrant students
At St Josephs Catholic School in Orakei, new entrant teacher Rebecca McGarry discovered that if her students were to become independent learners she needed to clarify and model the steps for them to take.

Secondary story 

Excellere College – Clarity about the learning gives students confidence and NCEA success
As part of a Leadership and Assessment PLD contract, sole-charge physical education teacher at Excellere College, Ben Keyte, supported by the facilitator, inquired into his own teaching capabilities and practices in order to improve the learning in his classroom.

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