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Research behind Directions for Assessment in New Zealand

The paper, Directions for Assessment in New Zealand (DANZ), written by Michael Absolum, Lester Flockton, John Hattie, Rosemary Hipkins and Ian Reid, was published in March 2009. It provided broad advice to the Ministry of Education to guide and inform the design of new and improved strategies, policies and plans for assessment.

PDF icon. Absolum, M. Flockton, L. Hattie, J. Hipkins, R. & Reid, I. (1988). Directions for assessment in New Zealand. Learning Media Ltd (PDF 505 KB)

Directions for Assessment in New Zealand (DANZ) was supported by these research articles and reports:

PDF icon. Hipkins, R., Assessing the hard to measure, NZCER Wellington (PDF 288 KB)

PDF icon. Gilmore, A. and Smith, J., (2008) Students’ experience of assessment, Universities of Canterbury and Otago (PDF 343 KB)

PDF icon. Gilmore, A., (2008) Professional learning in assessment: Report to the Ministry of Education for the National Assessment Strategy Review, University of Canterbury (PDF 437 KB)

PDF icon. Hill, M., The barriers/enablers of effective assessment professional development and practices in New Zealand secondary schools, The University of Auckland (PDF 165 KB)

PDF icon. May, S., Assessment: what are the cultural issues in relation to Pasifika, Asian, ESOL, immigrant and refugee learners?, University of Waikato (PDF 378 KB)

PDF icon. Smith, J., (2008) An analysis of the assessment literacy of the New Zealand public, and the sources that inform that literacy, University of Otago (PDF 331 KB)

PDF icon. Smith, J and Smith, L., (2008) Assessing student progress at the national level, University of Otago (PDF 378 KB)

PDF icon. Leeson, H. and Hattie, J., The use of technology for assessment, University of Auckland (PDF 317 KB)