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After three years at school

Reporting in plain language helps parents and whānau to be well informed, to make sense of their child’s progress and achievement, and to be more able to support learning at home. Plain language written reporting is free of specific education language, as it is language that is understood easily. It is language that helps support respectful and trusting relationships between students, parents and whānau.

  • In reading, a written report is likely to cover the student’s ability to read text and their ability to respond to, understand and use what they have read.
  • In writing, a written report comment is likely to cover the student’s ability to write (including planning, revising, publishing) and their ability to use writing for a variety of purposes across the curriculum.
  • In mathematics, we focus reporting on the student’s ability to solve number problems and their ability in a non-number related aspect of mathematics (geometry, measurement or statistics).

Written Report Comments                 Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Statistics                  After three years at school


Curriculum Area

Some examples of

education language

Educational language

rephrased as plain language



Monitors reading drawing on a range of strategies.


Uses texts to meet the demands of the curriculum.


Integrates and uses comprehension strategies.


Makes connections between ideas in the text in order to make simple inferences.


Describes and articulates a range of decoding strategies.

Malia is now achieving at the expected standard for after three years at school. She:

  • is making strong progress in understanding and finding the messages in her reading books
  • is able to retell a story in her own words, and enjoys sharing her knowledge of reading i le Gagana Samoa
  • has achieved her goal of reading more books from the library and will keep reading over the holidays. 

Malo le taumafai i le faitau tusi.

  • Finn has made progress with his reading and has moved several reading levels during the last two terms, with the support of Kerry. He has a good understanding of breaking words into parts and this helps him when he comes across new words. He has worked really hard with his reading and is now close to achieving the standard for after three years at school. The extra reading he has done at home has helped strengthen his word knowledge.  

Uses increasingly specific adjectives and more precise nouns and verbs.


Uses visual language features to support meaning.


Uses planning strategies to organise ideas.


Publishes when appropriate in a variety of media.


  • likes to write and has lots of good ideas
  • enjoys making his writing plan and is starting to group his ideas
  • checks his work for the correct spelling and punctuation, and follows others’ suggestions to improve his work
  • could start using some interesting words to provide more information for his readers
  • is working above the National Standard (archived) for after three years at school .
  • Bette has worked hard to ensure she is ready to start writing. She makes lists of ideas and is starting to put these in order. In class we are using a writing plan and this is helping her to organise her ideas before writing.  Bette has made more than a year’s progress and is now closer to achieving the expected standard for her year.  Bette can publish her work using an iPad.

Maths and



Applies basic addition fact and knowledge of place value to combining and partitioning numbers.


Measures using linear scales

Uses knowledge to think mathematically when modelling situations.


Continues spatial and number patterns.


  • understands simple fractions, and can share objects fairly
  • enjoys sorting and finding aspects that are the same about objects
  • can count forward and backward from 100
  • has worked hard to meet the National Standard (archived) for after two years at school and is now working towards the year 3 expectation. 
  • Reubina has made good progress with her understanding of adding and subtracting numbers, and she has learned her 2, 5 and 10 times tables. She has a good understanding of left and right directions and enjoys making and following maps. She enjoys wearing her new watch and can tell the time very accurately. She is well above the National Standard (archived) for after 3 years at school.