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Illustrating progress in foundations for learning

Foundations for learning are those areas that are likely to have a multiplier effect* on children's ongoing learning. They include literacy, numeracy, and key competencies. Many parents find it useful to be able to see an at-a-glance summary of how their child is progressing in these important areas.

You can find links below to some ways to show at-a-glance progress and achievement in relation to National Standards (archived)

At-a-glance summaries to parents can be provided face-to-face, on postcards, or as inserts to the report, rather than as a part of the main written report. The main written report then refers to finer grained progressions that enable every child to celebrate the progress they have made. It is important that summaries like the ones in the examples are used in ways that impact positively on all students’ motivation to learn and all parents’ motivation to support their learning.

There is a range of ways by which to present information, and schools can use the examples to find out what works for their particular parents.

All summary report examples include graphics and commentary, and most have downloadable templates.

* Multiplier effect: the effect of a particular factor in bringing about wider change. In this education context, enhancing capability in reading, writing, mathematics and the Key Competencies will lead to enhanced capability across the curriculum.

Definitions of achievement

Is a student’s achievement above, at, below, or well below the National Standards? In each National Standard (archived) there is a description of the learning required in reading, writing and mathematics to meet the demands of the New Zealand Curriculum. In making overall teacher judgments in relation to National Standards, teachers will consider the evidence from multiple sources to determine how to report each student’s performance. 

Find information about expected levels of progress through the curriculum.