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Stonefields School

Stonefields' written end of year report forms only one part of the overall reporting to parents process. It shows student progress and achievement against National Standards (archived), and against a matrix of Learner Qualities, including self awareness, determination and thinking skills. It also offers general comments on: building learning capacity, collaborating, making meaning and breakthrough. All of these learner dispositions have been derived from the Key Competencies in The New Zealand Curriculum. You can download a PDF of a Stonefields report here:

PDF icon. Stonefields written report PDF (PDF 456 KB)

Stonefields’ leadership team sees its information sharing with parents as an ongoing process of improvement. Extensive and constructive consultation with the school community has identified some overarching considerations for reporting. Parents want information on:

  • progress and achievement, particularly progress
  • learning dispositions
  • how they can help at home
  • and most particularly, they want to see through the reporting process that the teacher really knows and values their child. 

Stonefields' written report is supported by the Learner Led Conference and the mid-year achievement snapshot, as well as ongoing progress shown on Learning Progressions. Learning Progressions are updated on a regular basis by learners, in collaboration with their teachers. Sections of the progressions are colour coded:

  • Yellow—next steps
  • Green—achieved
  • Blue—I think I've done it and I have evidence. I need a conference with the teacher.

Learners are regularly uploading evidence to their progressions. This may be in the form of links to relevant Google docs, photographs of completed activities and ongoing thinking, or video clips illustrating their new learning. These are updated on an ongoing basis.

Parents are able to access Progressions in Reading, Writing and Maths via the Parent Portal. This is available online for parents via an individual parent login. This gives parents access to all their children's learning in the Google apps for Education suite. Watch a short video clip about this.

Below you can see screenshots illustrating the type of information parents have access to anywhere, anytime, via their child’s Google site. Students add evidence to illustrate that they have achieved each aspect on the progression framework. Frameworks cover learner qualities, reading, writing and mathematics.

Learner qualities framework

Reading framework

Writing framework

Maths framework