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Resources from OTJ workshops 2014

These resources were used in the 2014 OTJ workshops. New Zealand teachers and schools may use them for their own professional learning and development.

Series 1 resources


PowerPoint 2007 icon. Supporting Teachers to make Overall Teacher Judgments - OTJ workshop slides (PowerPoint 2007 4 MB)

  • This is the power point used in the Series 1 OTJ workshops 2014. It includes the answers to the ordering activity.

Word 2007 icon. Ben profile final (Word 2007 62 KB)

  • This is the profile for student Ben, used as an exercise in matching to the aspect framework.

PDF icon. The aspect framework and descriptions final (PDF 2 MB)

  • This is a description of the aspect framework that sits behing the PaCT tool.

MP4 icon. Clip 1 OTJ Additive thinking (MP4 19 MB)

MP4 icon. Clip 2 OTJ Measurement Sense (MP4 17 MB)

  • These are the video clips used in the OTJ workshops.
Link to the Monitoring and Evaluation Report
  • This project tracks the progressive impact of the implementation of National Standards (archived) in schools over time, so its focus changes as the implementation focus in schools does.

Mathematics Illustrations


Series 2 Resources


PDF icon. OTJ Workshop series 2 (PDF 1 MB)

  • This is a PDF of the power point used in the Series 2 OTJ workshops

PDF icon. PPT Handout OTJ Series 2 (PDF 649 KB)

  • You can use this powerpoint handout for note taking.

PDF icon. Handout 1 Facets of Mod Recording sheet Series 2 (PDF 91 KB)

  • Handout 1: Facets of moderation recording sheet

PDF icon. Handout 2 The aspect framework and descriptions final (PDF 1 MB)

  • Handout 2: The aspects framework and descriptions

PDF icon. Handout 3 WS2 Indiv Illust R W and M (PDF 1 MB)

  • Handout 3: Individual illustrations - reading, writing and maths

PDF icon. Handout 4 School+assessment+processes (PDF 314 KB)

  • Handout 4: A flowchart for assessment processes, practices and systems