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English exemplars

Exemplars of students' work in English.

Please be aware that these exemplars relate to the curriculum levels and achievement objectives described in the previous edition of The New Zealand Curriculum, published in 1994. These, and the progressions of learning described, may not correspond with those described in the current edition (published in 2007).

Written language

There are 75 written language exemplars, covering the functions of poetic writing and transactional writing.

Visual language

There are 40 visual language exemplars, covering the functions of static images and moving images.

(See also: The New Zealand Curriculum Exemplars, English, Visual Language, Moving Images on CD-ROM.)

Oral language

There are 10 oral language exemplars, covering the functions of speaking and listening.

(They are available on the CD-ROM, which was originally distributed to schools: Speaking and Listening: Interpersonal Speaking – Group Discussion.)