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Assessment Details

Schonell Essential Spelling List
Assessment Area English-Spelling
Year level 0-10
NZ origin? No , Australia
Standardised? Yes , in 1932
Administration to individual or group? Either , but commonly with groups
What does it assess? Dictated spelling
Purpose To provide a quick and easy assessment of spelling attainment
Validity No information available
Reliability No information available
What measures does it give? Spelling ages
How long does it take to administer? Quick to administer
How much training is needed? No training needed, instructions are provided
Scoring and data analysis Scores are added and a quick calculation made to ascertain spelling age
Does it provide 'what next' strategies? Yes . The tests are provided in the context of a book of spelling lists for teaching and learning. 'The Essential Spelling List' and 'The Essentials in Teaching and Testing Spelling' are available as a set called Schonell Spelling and Dictation Set.
Is it available in te reo Maori? No
Cost? Prices vary. You may find some of the tests online free.
Author, date of publication and publisher Fred J Schonell, 1932 Published by Nelson Thornes Ltd

A variety of Schonell spelling tests is available both new and used online. Google is suggested if you do want to find this test.

Further Information

The Essential Spelling List by Fred Schonell has been used in schools for over 70 years. Fred J Schonell bases his word lists on 'family groupings' so children only learn similarly spelt and pronounced words together.