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Through different eyes - Assessment for learners with special education needs

The website Through Different Eyes features a number of resources developed to assist students with special education needs to learn, and their teams – at home, at school and in the wider community – to support them.

It includes guidance on using narrative assessment for students who are expected to learn long-term within Level One of the New Zealand Curriculum and showcases examples of that assessment approach in practice.

The New Zealand Curriculum exemplars for learners with special education needs demonstrate the New Zealand curriculum in practice for students with the highest learning support needs.

The website includes case studies from St Anne's Catholic School and Allenvale School on their experiences of using narrative assessment and learning stories.

Further reading about Narrative Assessment

Research and Evaluation of Narrative Assessment and Curriculum Exemplars for Students with Special Education Needs, Roseanna Bourke and Mandia Mentis (2010).

This evaluation was conducted over a three-year period (2007-2009). Its purpose was to evaluate the development of exemplars and the introduction of professional development and learning for teachers in the use of learning stories. Researchers also collected baseline data on current assessment practices used in primary and secondary schools for students with high and very high educational needs.

School leaders and teachers of students with special educational needs can use this report to gain a deeper understanding of Narrative Assessment as a means of supporting learning for their students.

PDF icon. Research and Evaluation of Narrative Assessment (2010) (PDF 3 MB)

Assessment that matters: The transformative potential of narrative assessment for students with special education needs, Missy Morton, Trish McMenamin, Geoff Moore and Sue Molloy, published in Assessment Matters 4: 2012.

This paper suggests that The New Zealand Curriculum Exemplars for Learners with Special Education Needs, and the accompanying booklet Narrative Assessment: A Guide for Teachers, can potentially transform the ways we think about teaching, learning, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment for the group of students considered most likely to be learning within level 1 of the New Zealand Curriculum for most of their time at school.