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Numeracy framework

To assist in the assessment of numeracy, the Central Region Special Schools(CRSS) cluster has collaboratively created an extended Number framework and matrix that:

  • is inclusive of all learners
  • recognises progression and achievement
  • can be used for precise diagnosis to accurately assess, and to inform the next teaching and learning step
  • is a resource which is useful, functional and valuable for teachers in all schools
  • links to the Key Competencies in the new National Curriculum.

PDF icon. The number framework (PDF 100 KB)

This expanded pathway enables the acknowledgment of the smaller steps many students make, allows for documentation of those steps and recognises the significant achievement of many students with diverse needs in all school settings.

In developing expanded pathways for numeracy, the cluster based its work on the following definition of numeracy:
‘To be numerate is to have the ability and inclination to use mathematics effectively – at home, at work and in the community.'
The cluster further defined number as: ‘The foundation that underpins all the mathematical strands.’

Fuel Level

In developing their understandings about numbers, patterns and relationships, students should:

  • demonstrate purposeful exploration and engagement in numeracy learning experiences in order to make connections and develop knowledge.

Launch Level

In developing their understandings about numbers, patterns and relationships,students should:

  • demonstrate purposeful use of number knowledge and strategies and an understanding of the concepts needed for identifying, sequencing, grouping and recording numbers.