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Online presentations

Dylan Wiliam videos on formative assessment

Online videos feature Dylan Wiliam, one of the gurus of assessment for learning, talking about a range of formative assessment aspects. In them he reviews the nature of formative assessment and how teachers can use it to gain better insights into student learning and achievement. Search online for "Dylan Wiliam formative assessment". 

Dylan William’s five key strategies animated on YouTube

Michael Rystad summarises the Five Key Strategies for Embedded Formative Assessment as proposed by Dylan William.  The YouTube presentation is in an animated drawing/writing style, with a simple expansion of the ideas contained in each of the strategies.

John Hattie: Visible Learning Part I and Visible Learning Part II

In these two You Tube presentations, John Hattie, at present director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute, discusses the principles and practices of effective teaching and learning, explored in detail in his influential book, Visible Learning (2008).

Using Classroom Data to give Systematic Feedback to Students to Improve Learning, American Psychological Society website

This is a tidy online summary of how best to provide feedback to students. Based largely on Dylan Wiliam’s work, it does not cover any new ground but reinforces the main ideas clearly.