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Mid-year reporting examples and templates

A mid-year progress report does not report on achievement against National Standards, but on progress towards the National Standard at the end of that particular year. It signals the likelihood of a student being able to meet the standard by the end of the year. At mid-year, reports should state:

  • if students are on track to meet the appropriate year’s standard
  • if there are aspects that need to be focused on to help the student reach the standard
  • if there are more specialised interventions needed because there are concerns that the child is at risk of not meeting the standard by the end of the year.

The phrase "On track to meet the standard" could be used in a midyear progress report. Other suggested phrases for mid-year reporting are: "On track to exceed the standard" and "Not yet on track to meet the standard". The latter phrase would be expected to have additional comments on what the school has put in place to further support the student. A more fine-grained reporting approach is likely to be needed to ensure progress can be seen and celebrated.