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Mid-year report for ELLS student

This is Timothy’s first year at school in New Zealand and he is still working at becoming proficient in English. His current level of attainment means that he is still working towards meeting the Year 5 National Standards for reading and writing. Although Timothy’s progress and achievement need to be reported to the Board of Trustees in relation to the National Standards, it is recommended that schools also assess and report the progress and achievement of English language learners in relation to the English Language Learning Progressions (ELLP), as the progressions provide a guide to typical language learning pathways for students learning English as an additional language. Schools and teachers should use their judgment to determine whether reporting to parents using the ELLP or National Standards is more appropriate for individual learners

Students of Timothy’s age usually progress through four stages as they learn English to reach the age-appropriate standard; that is Foundation, Stage One, Stage Two and Stage Three.


Timothy is not yet meeting the National Standard appropriate for his year level in reading or writing because he is in the early stages of learning English. He is making good progress in reading. He knows the initial sounds of words in English and can use this knowledge and pictures to work out any unknown words at the blue level of the colour wheel. He can read and understand the basic word list we have been working on.

In writing Timothy used the vocabulary from our earthquake topic in his report. The ideas in his report were presented logically. He can use words from the Basic Word list in his writing. Timothy can correctly use full stops. He sometimes underlines words that he needs to check in his writing. His handwriting is easy to read.

Next steps

Timothy and I will keep working on the sounds of two letters together e.g. bl, cl, th and use these in his writing. We will read books at the green level of the colour wheel and talk about the main ideas

Timothy and I are working on making his pieces of writing longer. We will work on using ‘and’ and ‘because’ to join his ideas.

Download the template for the graphic here.

Word 2007 icon. Template 2 Report for a student learning English as a second language (Word 2007 55 KB)