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Prospect School

Prospect School is a decile 3 multi-cultural contributing school in West Auckland with a roll of approximately 350. The loyalty to the school from the surrounding community can be attributed, at least in part, to open and responsive communication between home and school.

Prospect School leaders are dedicated to designing reports that suit their parents and whanāu. To achieve this, they have instituted an ongoing review process. They seek parent and whanāu feedback on reports at least twice a year, and they ensure that different sections of the school community get their say.

Some ways in which they have changed their reports to suit their school community are:

  • comments are in brief, concise sentences, bullet points where possible
  • National Standards (archived) judgements are stated clearly
  • comments start with an active verb in the present tense
  • graphs are clear and show at a glance the child’s progress and achievement.

When you download the report you will notice that progress and achievement on the reporting graphs is based on a target for each individual student, rather than on the generic National Standard (archived). At a ‘how to help at home’ meeting at the beginning of the year, the teachers meet with parents and the student to set an individual target for each of reading, writing and mathematics. Reporting is then based on the target. Progress against the National Standard (archived) is reported within the narrative, not the graph.

You will notice in the report that some technical assessment terms have been used, for example, e-asTTle levels and the number framework. School leaders and teachers use a number of methods, including workshops, to help students and parents to understand progress and achievement and how the results from assessment tools contribute to this.  Reports take the tool information and contextualise it with wider information about the student’s learning to create clear plain English statements about progress and achievement.

Download an annotated PDF example of a Prospect School report below. You can find out more about how the reports are written from the annotations, developed by Prospect School to ensure consistency of reporting across their teaching staff. Names on the report are fictitious.

PDF icon. Prospect School example report (PDF 1 MB)

Below you can download a template of the Prospect School report to use or adapt for your school.

Word 2007 icon. Prospect School template (Word 2007 324 KB)