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End-of-year reporting examples and templates

You can find links below to some ways to show progress and achievement in relation to National Standards. There is a range of ways by which to present information, and schools can use the examples to find out what works for their particular parents.

Please note, when reporting to parents, families and whānau, schools do not have to use the At, Above, Below, or Well Below scale. There are a number of approaches which may be taken - for example, schools may choose to report student achievement in relation to National Standards by identifying the year standard which is the best fit for that student’s achievement - although the student’s achievement in relation to National Standards must be conveyed clearly.

Some of the examples are for at-a-glance summaries reporting on foundations for learning, those areas that are likely to have a multiplier effect on children's ongoing learning. They include literacy, numeracy, and key competencies. The summaries can be provided face-to-face, on postcards, or as inserts, rather than within the main written report.

It is important that reporting impacts positively on all students’ motivation to learn and all parents’ motivation to support their learning.