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Resources from OTJ workshops 2014

These resources were used in the 2014 OTJ workshops. New Zealand teachers and schools may use them for their own professional learning and development.

Series 1 resources


PowerPoint 2007 icon. Supporting Teachers to make Overall Teacher Judgments - OTJ workshop slides (PowerPoint 2007 4 MB)

  • This is the power point used in the Series 1 OTJ workshops 2014. It includes the answers to the ordering activity.

Word 2007 icon. Ben profile final (Word 2007 62 KB)

  • This is the profile for student Ben, used as an exercise in matching to the aspect framework.

PDF icon. The aspect framework and descriptions final (PDF 2 MB)

  • This is a description of the aspect framework that sits behing the PaCT tool.

MP4 icon. Clip 1 OTJ Additive thinking (MP4 19 MB)

MP4 icon. Clip 2 OTJ Measurement Sense (MP4 17 MB)

  • These are the video clips used in the OTJ workshops.
Link to the Monitoring and Evaluation Report
  • This project tracks the progressive impact of the implementation of National Standards in schools over time, so its focus changes as the implementation focus in schools does.

Mathematics Illustrations


Series 2 Resources

OTJ Workshop series 2- final (PDF, 1 MB)
  • This is a PDF of the power point used in the Series 2 OTJ workshops
PPT Handout OTJ Series 2 (PDF, 649 KB)
  • You can use this powerpoint handout for note taking.
Handout 1 Facets of Mod Recording sheet Series 2 FINAL (PDF, 91 KB)
  • Handout 1: Facets of moderation recording sheet
Handout 2 The aspect framework and descriptions final (PDF, 1 MB)
  • Handout 2: The aspects framework and descriptions
Handout 3 WS2 Indiv Illust R W and M (PDF, 1 MB)
  • Handout 3: Individual illustrations - reading, writing and maths
Handout 4 School+assessment+processes FINAL (PDF, 314 KB)
  • Handout 4: A flowchart for assessment processes, practices and systems