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e-asTTle teacher access

Published on Monday February 22, 2010

Currently the Ministry of Education is working on enhancements to e-asTTle, focused in two areas:

  • Education - Enhancing the application to provide greater accuracy and feedback
  • Technology - Improving the reliability and robustness of the IT infrastructure.

e-asTTle for teachers only

Teachers will be able to create, assign and mark tests and generate reports (excluding adaptive tests). Students will sit the tests using pen and paper, with teachers marking and entering the scores into e-asTTle (as is currently done with asTTle version 4).

Please use the existing e-asTTle educator user manual and the external coordinator manual (excluding section 6,11 and 18 of the educator manual).

The Ministry of Education is committed to ensuring all schools can access e-asTTle. If you do not already have access to e-asTTle and want to be set up for teacher-only access please contact the Ministry via the Sector Service desk.

For more information please visit the e-asTTle website.