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Updates to progress tool launched

Published on Monday May 28, 2018

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The PaCT tool helps teachers and kaiako to understand student progress against the Learning Progression Frameworks.

The changes align judgements to all five levels of the curriculum for The New Zealand Curriculum. Those familiar with PaCT will know that previously it was aligned to National Standards.

As this will be an optional setting for 2018, teachers can continue to view results against National Standards if they wish. 

The updated tool has been extended to include curriculum level 5 of The New Zealand Curriculum. This change will provide benefits to teachers and kaiako of students in years 9 and 10, as well as provide a pathway view across years 1 to 10, which will be particularly helpful for Kahui Ako.

Further information

To support teachers and kaiako using the Progress and Consistency Tool to achieve the maximum benefits for teaching and learning, the Ministry will be offering professional development throughout 2018. Find out more: PaCT and LPF support – Consortium for Professional Learning website

Using the Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) – PaCT info website

Kaiako in Māori medium settings may be interested in the Te Waharoa Ararau (TWA) – info website.