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Draft PaCT demo site released

Published on Thursday January 19, 2017


The Ministry of Education have released a PaCT demo site that supports the Learning Progression Framework (LPF) for reading, writing, and mathematics for Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako, schools/kura and those who work with them to try out.

The PaCT, which includes the Learning Progression Framework, enables those working with students to understand, track and respond to individual student progress and achievement against the New Zealand Curriculum. It enables teachers to focus on individual progress against the curriculum and provide students with early, responsive support which is what PaCT enables by supporting consistent overall judgments of student progress and achievement. 

The demo site is a reproduction of the live version of the PaCT, with mock student information, to allow parents, schools that aren’t already using it, and those who work with schools to navigate around the tool to see how it works.

When using the tool, users will see the benefits of the Learning Progression Frameworks that illustrate the significant steps students need to take as they develop their expertise in reading, writing and mathematics from years 1–10. The Learning Progression Framework provides examples of students work to illustrate the steps students need to take to develop their knowledge and skills.