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Reasons for wanting to be part of the project

The reasons for individual schools involving themselves in the professional development range from ‘global’ expectations regarding improving teaching and learning by finding newer fresher ways of ‘doing things’ through involvement in the PD, to very specific outcomes related directly to National Standards. They also include issues around the consistency of OTJ’s related to the sample size available within their individual schools. Sample comments from those involved include:

“We want to ensure that there is compatibility between the OTJ reached by our teachers and that reached by teachers in other schools.”

“The PD would assist us in enhancing the quality of both the programmes we deliver and way we use the data from our assessment tools to guide our teaching and learning.”

“To ensure that our school-wide moderation practice and achievement expectations/benchmarks for determining achievement against the National Standards were consistent with other schools.”

“A lot to be gained from developing and fostering a shared understanding of student achievement across our cluster. Through a cluster approach we can be assured that the data we share is valid, reliable and consistent with the data shared by our contributing schools.”

“Ensure we receive up to date professional development and are making consistent judgments about achievement in writing (and against the National Standards) with our cluster schools.”