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e-asTTle writing webinar

Juliet Twist
Charles Darr

Presented by: Charles Darr and Juliet Twist

Date and time: 2:00pm, Thursday 22nd March 2012

The webinar will be presented by Charles Darr and Juliet Twist, project leaders for the redevelopment of e-asTTle writing. The webinar will cover:

  • The purposes of the tool
  • Components of the tool (what is different and what is the same)
  • How to administer assessments and mark scripts
  • How to interpret scores and read reports
  • Communicating results to students and/or parents

There will also be an opportunity to discuss with Charles and Juliet the conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of the redevelopment, in terms of writing and psychometrics (scaling and reporting), the process of the redevelopment, and some possible future developments for e-asTTle writing.

Registrations have now closed.