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Assessment Online uLearn presentations

Share these workshop presentations from uLearn 2015 and 2016 with your colleagues, and/or use them to help you improve your assessment understanding and practice. 


uLearn 2016 – Using data to transform teaching and learning

Presenters: Adrienne Carlisle and Brenda Crozier

What data does your school collect? What use do you make of it? Does the analysis support your teachers to improve teaching and learning? This ULearn workshop showed delegates ways to use evidence for learning. It took them through through data gathering, manipulation, and analysis, and showed them how to transform the results into targeted teaching.

Download the slide presentation:

PowerPoint 2007 icon. Using data to transform teaching and learning (PowerPoint 2007 4 MB)

For further information contact: assessment@tki.org.nz


uLearn 2015 – Resources to improve teaching and learning

Presenters: Brenda Crozier and Anna Sullivan

Assessment Online on TKI offers a wide range of information on how leaders and teachers can use assessment to enhance teaching and learning.

The ULearn workshop assisted delegates to navigate quickly and easily within the Assessment Online website and find a wealth of tools and resources that include data interpretation tutorials, PowerPoint presentations for in-school professional learning, useful online tools, and important assessment information. Emphases of the workshop covered:

  • formative assessment in the classroom
  • the collection and analysis of data
  • moderation
  • overall teacher judgments
  • reporting to parents and whānau
  • assessment tools and their most effective use. 

Schools can use the PowerPoint presentation to help colleagues discover the range of content available in Assessment Online and/or to use resources in the site to improve their understanding and application of assessment knowledge and practices. 

Download the slide presentation:

PowerPoint icon. Assessment Online – resources to improve teaching and learning (PowerPoint 3 MB)

For further information contact: assessment@tki.org.nz