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Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs)

What are they?

The Assessment Resource Banks are an on-line assessment resource covering three curriculum areas – mathematics, science, and English – and catering for curriculum levels 1−5. They are provided free to New Zealand schools and include over 3000 resources. The design of the tasks and the teacher information with each task are based on New Zealand and international research, and on trialling of the resources in schools.

When do you use them?

The principles of formative assessment underpin the design of ARB resources. The assessment tasks are designed to be carried out as part of normal classroom activities. Results help teachers and students to make sense of what students are saying, doing, and thinking, and to make decisions about what to do next. They can also be used to help students to reflect on their learning as they are learning.

What do they give you?

The tasks are designed to reveal students’ thinking, what strategies they might be using to get to an answer, and possible barriers to learning. There is less emphasis on correct answers.

The tasks also model a variety of strategies that are useful for formative assessment – which you can adapt to use when you are designing your own classroom tasks.

The Teacher information pages provide support for making sense of students’ responses, providing feedback and making decisions about what to do next.

Points to consider

NZCER is in the process of converting to a digital platform, in which students can access and use the resources online. Old resources are being converted and new interactive resources are being created to suit the new environment. The transition to the digital platform will be achieved by mid 2014, and the site will continue to be updated as new resources are developed.

The ARB website contains additional teacher support material. This includes curriculum-specific material for English, mathematics, and science, as well as planning exemplars and relevant research material.

For copyright reasons, a password is required to view the assessment resources. You can register for a simple user name and password on the website.

More information is available on the Assessment Resource Bank website.