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Assessment tool selector

The assessment tool selector is a resource for teachers and schools to help them select the most appropriate assessment tool to suit their particular purpose. The selector gives you information about assessment tools most frequently used in New Zealand schools, in every area of the curriculum up to and including Year 10. You can also compare tools to see which one is the most suitable.

In relation to National Standards, schools and teachers can select a range of formal and informal assessment methods to use in making overall teacher judgments (OTJs) of students' progress and achievement. The tool selector describes a range of the more formal assessment tools that could be used for this purpose. It is not intended to limit your choice of tool.

For some parts of the New Zealand Curriculum such as the Key Competencies and Values, there are no formal assessment tools.

Before using the assessment tool selector start with the information provided in the section Assessment fundamentals

Note: Inclusion of a tool does not indicate endorsement by the Ministry of Education.

Updated on: 28 May 2015

Select an Assessment Tool

Select an assessment tool to suit your needs. Search through a number of categories and select the specific areas you require so the most appropriate tools are highlighted.

Browse assessment tools

Use the alphabetical listing to go directly to an assessment tool for information, or use the assessment areas filters to narrow your search.