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Assessment Resource Banks

The new Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs) contain over 2500 assessment resources in English, mathematics and science for students working at levels 2-5 of the New Zealand curriculum.

The  new site offers three resource types: Auto-marking, pencil and paper, and online interactive. The resource type is identified by an icon next to the title.

The Teacher View of each resource provides an overview, instructions for use, connections to the curriculum, advice on working with students, and links to related resources. Teachers can print pencil and paper resources, or save all types of resources to personal folders stored online, and remove them if required.

The Student View provides the same resource in the form of a student-friendly display.

The home page provides support materials including:

Conceptual maps covering English comprehension strategies and a number of mathematical concepts including:

  • basic facts
  • fractional thinking
  • algebraic thinking
  • algebraic patterns
  • computational estimation
  • probability

Guidelines for supporting priority learners

  • Learners with special education needs
  • Māori learners
  • Pasifika learners

Knowing about assessment – Articles about different classroom assessment strategies

Professional learning and support

Research and articles

A login is needed to access the resources. You can register here or use the standard login supplied.