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Using digital technologies to support assessment and learning

Snapshots of assessment and learning using digital technologies

Read stories about how digital technologies are being used to support student learning and to assist with data gathering for assessment.


Assessment and e-learning

Pasifika Education Community – Assessment and e-learning

An Auckland Girls Grammar School Samoan language teacher explains how she combines e-learning tools in her assessments to allow her students to achieve to their potential through the use of YouTube channels to film oral language assessments. 

Enabling e-Learning

Enabling e-learning

Enabling e-learning – Assessment

Find information, stories, and resources, on how technologies can be used to monitor, review, and evaluate the impact of teaching on student achievement in ways that reflect our bi-cultural heritage.

Snapshots of learning

Read these snapshots of learning that share how schools are using digital technologies to assist with gathering assessment data and support student learning:

Improving student writing with digital stories
A teacher from Kimi Ora Community School, Hastings shares how they used digital stories to scaffold the writing process. The success of this approach was reflected in their AsTTle writing data showing students making a year's progress in two terms.

Reinforcing maths concepts using Google Forms
Students at Panmure Bridge School in Auckland improved their problem solving skills and mathematical knowledge through the use of Google Forms.

Girl with camera

Increasing ownership of learning through e-portfolios
The processes and progress of learning were effectively documented in e-portfolios at Bucklands Beach Intermediate School.

Supporting formative assessment using SurveyMonkey
Students used software to support formative assessment in mathematics.

Presenting information for assessment using VoiceThread
Students at Ashburton Netherby School used ICT technologies to share aspects of their learning.

Enhancing self assessment and parent involvement through Jing
St Mary’s Catholic School in Tauranga trialled a system of online reporting that supported student self-assessment, and increased parents’ understanding and involvement in formative assessment.

Becoming active learners using Learning Journals in KnowledgeNET
Students at Cornwall Park District School became reflective learners by using Learning Journals in KnowledgeNET.